RMI announces code red in almost the entire country from Saturday …


The RMI will announce code red in most Belgian provinces from Saturday due to extreme heat. Temperatures are therefore predicted that will be well above 30 degrees.

“With such extremely high temperature values, certain measures must be taken: drink a lot, maintain the salinity level, rest a lot, stay in a cooled room, use damp cloths in case of dehydration, avoid direct sunlight. Take action to keep yourself, others and, if possible, your belongings safe. Strictly follow the advice of the competent authority ”, can be read on the website of the RMI.

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On Friday, code orange already applies in all provinces, with the exception of the coast. But from Saturday this will be scaled up to code red for a large part of Belgium. Only in the province of Luxembourg (code orange) and on the coast (yellow) will a lower warning level apply.

The RMI expects temperatures to rise to 36 or 37 degrees in the interior next weekend.

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