RKC trainee Van der Wiel never stopped: ‘Bled to death due to circumstances’


Gregory van der Wiel played the World Cup final in 2010, but ten years later he registered as a clubless player at RKC Waalwijk. The 32-year-old right back left Toronto FC at the beginning of 2019, but says he has never stopped permanently.

Van der Wiel had wanted to continue playing football after his adventure in Canada, but his career was ‘bled to death by circumstances’, he tells the Algemeen Dagblad. He recently moved back to Amsterdam. “I have decided to stay there with my family. It has started to itch again to also play football.”

RKC has given him the opportunity to be on the field every day again. A ‘top conversation’ with technical director Mo Allach convinced him. “Allach gave me the feeling that at RKC I have every freedom to find out where I stand physically and mentally,” said the 46-time Oranje-international. “At many clubs the interaction is different. I immediately felt at ease because of his approach.”

Whether he will wear the yellow-blue this season remains to be seen. However, Van der Wiel cannot wait until he can play matches again. The fact that he has not done this for over a year is no objection, according to him. “The competition start (mid-September, ed.). That should definitely be feasible. I’ve never sunk that far conditionally. I still have a nice base.”


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