RIVM nuances: ‘Avoid busy places in Rotterdam (just like in Amsterdam)’ | NOW


RIVM epidemiologist Susan van den Hof has partly returned to her statement “not to go to Rotterdam if it is not necessary” because of the many corona infections there. It turns out not to go all over town. “Avoid busy places in Rotterdam”, she nuances in the Radio 1 program on Tuesday News & Co.

“What I wanted to say is: avoid busy places. That is actually the main message,” said Van den Hof in the radio program.

“So ‘avoid Rotterdam’, you say? The center of Rotterdam is busy …”, presenter Lara Rense asks. Van den Hof replies: “Avoid all busy places, and the center of Rotterdam is one of the examples of busy places.”

Also avoid busy places in Amsterdam

When Rense asks whether that message means that people should also avoid the center of Amsterdam, for example, Van den Hof answers affirmatively: “Yes, if it is not necessary, avoid busy places. That is actually the message that the Central Government has been spreading for a long time. . ”

RIVM also published a nuance on its website on Tuesday evening. At the end of Tuesday’s previous news item, it was added: “In the media, the image has unfairly emerged that RIVM gives negative travel advice for Rotterdam. That is not the case. We mean that we ask people to avoid busy places.”

Nationally more than 2500 infections

In the past week, 2,588 people throughout the Netherlands tested positive for the coronavirus, RIVM reported earlier on Tuesday. That is 1,259 more than the 1,329 positive test results reported last week, while fewer were tested. In addition, the number of hospital admissions is also increasing.

Rotterdam stood out with more than five hundred new infections in one week, but several other regions, such as The Hague and West Brabant, are also notable. “That is cause for concern,” said Van den Hof in an interview with NU.nl earlier today.

The head of the Center for Epidemiology and Surveillance of Infectious Diseases at RIVM says that “the time has come” to talk to the government about how to control the coronavirus.

It is still unclear whether this means, for example, that additional regional measures will be taken. Thursday evening Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Hugo de Jonge (Public Health) will give a press conference.

GGD concerned about people’s behavior

The GGD also expresses concern about the behavior of people at parties, dinners and barbecues. “They don’t adhere to the corona measures at all. You could almost say the end is missing this way,” a spokesperson told RTL News.

Also, according to the spokesperson, it occasionally happens that people who should actually be in quarantine are called by the GGD to ask how they are doing and then appear to walk in the supermarket.

“It would make so much difference if everyone just adheres to the measures,” sighs Van den Hof, who says that RIVM still has a “good view” of the virus spread.

‘You do it for your grandparents’

Inge Huijskens, medical microbiologist at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Dordrecht, “does not feel that we have lost control”.

Like RIVM, however, she insists on the importance of the measures in force, such as testing and staying at home with complaints and keeping 1.5 meters.

“I read a lot that young people do not see the need for it. I think they are tired of all limitations and think: it will go wrong. Communicate with those young people,” she advised. “And tell them: you do it for your grandparents.”

According to Huijskens, additional measures are not necessary, but “we have to be on top of it”.


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