Rises in opening in Tel Aviv: Drilling fuel jumps 12%, Ratio 6%


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Trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange opened in the Green Territory under the leadership of Levitan’s partner energy shares. Delek Drilling jumps by 12%, Ratio by 6% and Delek by 8%.

The Tel Aviv 35 Index is up 0.3%, the Tel Aviv 90 Index is up 0.7% and the Oil and Gas Index is up 3.6%

Ofco falls by 7.8%, Perigo falls by 5%, Ormat Loses 3.9%.

Group Bern And the Aluma Foundation have signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the development and operation of wireless communication sites (TOWER MANAGEMENT). As part of the agreement, Bern will invest NIS 5 million in Tiber, a subsidiary of Aluma, which establishes and operates communications sites leased to the cellular companies.

EL AL Reported this morning on receiving another letter from the director general of the Ministry of Finance, according to which the state will assist the company’s cash flow by agreeing to release the balance of the company’s main compensation funds in the total amount of about $ 57 million. , Subject to the approval of the Knesset Finance Committee, for a loan from a financing source in the amount of $ 250 million, after the publication of the issue.

Gil Sharon is expected to be appointed chairman of the board flash . Sharon, who today heads Golan Telecom and previously served as CEO of Pelephone, will be appointed to the position in place of Shlomo Rodev, who recently retired.

The events you should know before the opening of the trading week in Tel Aviv:

1. The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s trading week is expected to open following the gains recorded on Wall Street last weekend, when the major technology stocks pulled the indices after the publication of the second quarter financial statements, which exceeded forecasts.

The effect of the dual shares on the Tel Aviv 35 index this morning is positive, at 0.2%, with Tower, which published financial reports last week, returning with a positive arbitrage gap of 3.2%, Teva with a positive gap of 1.85%, Elbit Systems with a gap Positive of 0.44%, LivePerson with a positive gap of 5.2%, Nice returns with a positive gap of 1%, on the other hand APP returns with a negative gap of 2.6%, Ormat with a negative gap of 4.2%, and Perigo shares returns with a negative gap Of 5.3%.

Last Thursday, there was no trading due to the T. Bab fast.

2. This coming Thursday, the semi-annual indices of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange will be updated, and when the trade closes, adjustments will be made that will increase the weight of the technology shares in the indices, at the expense of real estate and tourism companies.

Tel Aviv 35 Index – The leading shares of the local stock exchange are expected to enter the shares of Ofco Heath, Energix, Matrix, Mitronics, Nova and Sapiens, at the expense of Bazan, Gazit Globe, Delek, Delek Drilling, Israel and Fatal Holdings, which are expected to exit the Tel Aviv 35 index.

TA 125 Index – The shares will include the shares of Avgol, Ogwind, Ilex Medical, Itamar, Alumay, at the expense of the shares of Issta, Beit Shemesh, Dor Alon, Navits, Naoi, Norstar, Properties and Building, Scoop and Tire.

3. The reporting season for the second quarter on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange is up and running. Teva will publish reports on Wednesday, when market eyes will look for a further reduction in Teva’s debt, as promised by CEO Carr Schultz. Teva is also traded on the New York and Tel Aviv stock exchanges at a value of $ 13.2 billion.

Among the other companies that will publish this week’s reports: Allot, Nova and Sapiens will be reported on Tuesday, Wednesday, in addition to Teva, the companies will be reported: Abogen, Ormat, Penantpark, Perrigo, Ferion, and CamTech.


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