Ricciardo content with much smaller difference to Verstappen


18:09 – Daniel Ricciardo seems to have things on the right track at Renault. Where the Australian qualified eighth last week for the British Grand Prix, he placed fifth on the same circuit this Saturday for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

This progression comes as no surprise, Ricciardo already issued a warning yesterday with a third fastest time in the free practice sessions. It is gratifying that he was able to continue that good form today. “It was good, it was good. I think everyone was a little surprised by our third place finish yesterday and there may have been a little pressure to repeat that today. But I don’t think anybody in qualifying was third in third place. Taking into account, we were probably expecting something around where I am now. In almost every lap in Q3 I felt I was getting the most out of it, it was a satisfying session. ”

His time was also satisfying, according to Ricciardo, who sees his former teammate Max Verstappen start diagonally from P4 on Sunday. “To be only one tenth behind Max, we are of course very happy with that. I believe the difference was something like eight tenths last week.”

Remarkably, Ricciardo did not set his fastest time on the softest tire, but on the medium compound. “I used the soft tires in Q1 and that felt good. In Q2 I started on the medium tire and I was – I’m not sure – just a second faster and it felt much easier. The car was happy with it. that tire, so from that moment on I have only ridden on the medium. ”

In addition to Verstappen and the usual suspects Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, Nico Hülkenberg is also surprisingly ahead of Ricciardo. The German will start tomorrow from P3, and deserves a big compliment. “Hats off, he feels free and ready. We all know that car works, but I don’t want to just compliment the car. It just did a great job. If you have that long on the couch then it is – even if you are a veteran – not easy. ”

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