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In Spitlings The city where all kinds of cube creatures live is flooded with dirty slime, so the creatures decide to clean it up, which can only be done by spitting on it. Read our experience with this puzzle game here.

So there are all kinds of creatures living in a city that is overrun with pink slime and by spitting the blobs of slime in each level so that it dissolves, you can restore the city. The blobs bounce around and your creature can spit up or down. Once you hit a pile of slime, split it in half and repeat until all of the slime is gone. It looks like classic games that could also be found on the internet such as Bubble Trouble. This makes the gameplay very recognizable and easy to learn.

Each world introduces new concepts that challenge you, such as walls that slime can pass through, but not you, launch pads or explosive blocks. It doesn’t get boring as each world has only a few levels. If you don’t find a concept that interesting, you will be able to continue quickly, but unfortunately it also happens that a well-developed idea only occurs once.


Which is also nice with Spitlings, is that after each level you free a new creature and there would be over 100 creatures to play. Each figure has something characteristic that indicates how much spit the monster has left. These are often teeth, but also eyes and wings can be seen to see how many shots you have left. This is quite creative, although the monsters are quickly forgotten, as there are many of them.

The game is multi-player and if only one of you gets hit, everyone has to redo the level. This can be frustrating when there is a reckless friend who is constantly sacrificing himself, but you can quickly add or remove people so this shouldn’t be a problem. In addition to the story mode, you can also do the party mode, where you do the same, only in other levels with the possibility to use all kinds of modifications, such as constant jumping, infinite spit or hardly any spit.

Spitlings is quite entertaining, but at the same time very uninspired. The creatures are funny, but quickly forgotten. The levels also leave no impression, but still entertain that you want to keep playing and each world introduces new concepts. So this game is a bit mediocre, so especially suitable for playing a few levels with friends before doing something else. Is very special Spitlings so not, but certainly nice for a while.

For this review, Spitlings was played on the PlayStation 4. The game is also available for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Google Stadia.


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