Review: Ring Video Doorbell 3


Today there are countless devices to make your home “smarter”. Think of lights that switch on automatically, a thermostat that you can control remotely and that works according to a schedule or switches itself off when there is no one in the house anymore, but you also see a smart doorbell more and more often. Ring is one of the more famous manufacturers when it comes to the smart doorbell. Over the years they have worked hard, so that they now offer a large line of different products. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is the latest model in their range and we got to work with it.

When unpacking, we find a complete package, consisting of, among other things, an instruction, plugs, screws, power wires, screwdriver and even a mini spirit level. They have done as much as possible at Ring to make the installation as simple as possible and they have succeeded. Especially when you use the doorbell with the rechargeable battery. For this you are not required to connect it to the doorbell transformer and you can hang it anywhere as long as you are within range of your WiFi signal. The battery is easy to remove by loosening a single screw and removing the front cover. You can then charge the battery using the supplied USB cable. When the battery is almost completely empty, it takes about 7 hours before it is full again. In the meantime, the doorbell will not work. Fortunately, this is not necessary every week, but you can use it for several weeks. Depending on your chosen settings, this can of course affect the battery life. Consider, for example, shortening the time when a screenshot is taken, or if you regularly view the live images.

It is also possible to connect the Ring Video Doorbell 3 to an existing doorbell transformer. This is often already present in houses that have a traditional doorbell. However, it is important that the transformer can supply the correct voltage from 8 to 24 volts. An additional advantage is that the internal gong can also be activated with this. When you are at home, you are therefore not dependent on your smartphone when the doorbell rings. Then only the doorbell can be heard on the outside, but not in the house. You can also choose to buy the Ring Chime with it. This is a separate gong that you can place in your house and connects to the doorbell through the internal network. To ensure that the Ring doorbell can be used at almost any home, they have included some attachments. These can be mounted under the doorbell in various ways, allowing you to create a different angle. For example, if you have your bell hanging quite high, you can have it pointed downwards by means of the attachment. This also applies to left and right. This is very useful and prevents unnecessary drilling and screwing when you actually want to replace the existing bell.

Ring Video Doorbell 3

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 works surprisingly well. The image quality is very good with its Full HD resolution and everything comes in clearly and clearly. The image is also clear at night and you can clearly see who is at your door, provided there is sufficient light. When the doorbell is pressed, you will also receive a notification on your phone within a few seconds, clearly indicating that the doorbell is being rung. If you have detection observations on, this will also be indicated. When you open the app you can start a kind of telephone conversation and talk through the doorbell with the person at your door. However, there is a delay of a few seconds on the speech, but this is not really disturbing as long as the conversation comes across clearly.

The accompanying app is very user-friendly and is packed with functionalities. For example, it is possible to create a schedule in which certain actions must be suppressed. For example, if you do not want to be disturbed at night, you can arrange this through a timetable. It is also possible to configure motion alerts. This means that you can indicate by means of zones when a detection may or may not be detected. If you live with your front door reasonably close to a busy street, you may receive a message every few minutes that movement has been detected. Nobody is waiting for this and you can easily put an end to this by adjusting the zones. You can also turn this off completely and only receive notifications when the doorbell rings. It is also possible to set privacy zones. Because the camera is a widescreen camera, images are recorded at a fairly wide angle. The chance that your neighbors garden or the public road is on it is therefore quite high. You can shield them through the privacy zones.

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Unfortunately, the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is not equipped with local storage such as an SD card. They have chosen to store the images in the cloud for which you have to take out a subscription for Ring Protect. This saves the video images for up to 30 days and photos for 7 days. When purchasing the doorbell you get access to a trial period of 30 days. Then you can choose two subscriptions, namely basic and plus. The basic subscription costs you € 3 per device per month, where you get two months free if you pay directly for one year. It can give some mixed feelings, because if they want to save, review and share images, they are required to take out a subscription. On the other hand, € 30 per year is not too expensive for such a service. The plus subscription is considerably more expensive at € 10. However, it is interesting if you want to purchase multiple Ring products, because as a plus subscriber you get a 10% discount on Ring products. This also extends your warranty period from 2 years to unlimited. These are also the only differences between the two subscriptions.

The purchase price of the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is € 199. Cheaper variants can be found, but these are often not of the same quality. In addition, this is a good and average price for the more famous smart doorbells and given the functionalities and quality, this is certainly worth the money.


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