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Beyoncé’s visual album was released on Friday Black is King exclusively on Disney +. The singer describes the project as a celebration of African culture. Reviewers at home and abroad are enthusiastic.

de Volkskrant – 4 stars

Black is King is full of meaning, full of symbolism, history, ancient African culture and contemporary art. You can dedicate a study to it, or try to expose the deeper layer with every shot. ”

Black is King is perhaps a bit overcrowded, but also an inexhaustible source of beauty and an interesting announcement to the world. It will be talked about for a long time. But what you especially want to look at often. ”

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Faithful – 4 stars

Black is King sometimes looks a bit sugary with landscapes in pastel shades and costumes with a high bling bling content. Beyoncé thus conveys a rather romanticized image of Africa. But the message that black history is something to celebrate remains upright. ”

“Instead of feeling left out by a film about black culture and a black cast, you can Black is King also see it as an extremely topical invitation to see the world through a different lens. ”

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The Guardian – 4 stars

“The soundtrack and film are a love letter to the black diaspora, to remind them that they too are part of something bigger. With performances by JAY-Z, Kelly Rowland and Pharrell, the film also has something for everyone musically. ”

“It’s compelling in every way and takes you on a moving journey: not just through the story of The Lion Kingbut also a small part of the beautiful cultures and traditions that exist within black communities worldwide. ”

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Variety – does not give stars

Black is King excels as a celebration of black culture in its many forms: black women, black men, black children, black motherhood, black fatherhood, black past, black gifts and black futures. Everything will be discussed. ”

Black is King is convincing, but not perfect. Despite the impressive visuals, the unbalanced music of the original soundtrack is not always a hit. But it gives us confidence in Beyoncé, black Americans and black Africans and shows that the best days ahead are still ahead of us. ”

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