[REVIEW] Horizon Zero Dawn: Also shines on the PC


I have been playing on PlayStation 4 with great pleasure since 2013. In the seven years there have been a lot of great games. In 2017 we were spoiled with Horizon Zero Dawn, made by Guerilla Games. They are now working hard on the sequel to the PlayStation 5. If you missed the game at the time and own a PC? Then you can soon release with the Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn.

It is not very often that I really look forward to playing a certain game a second time. But that’s certainly the case with Horizon Zero Dawn. I wanted to see what the game could offer me on my brand new PC. I ended up working on that for a few hours and these are the points that struck me.

Remains an interesting story

Horizon Zero Dawn is a unique game in terms of setting and also storytelling. It’s about Alloy growing up as an outcast outside an indigenous tribe. And that in a world where dangerous beast-like machines are walking around. In that world, Alloy searches for answers about who she is, what happened to her mother and how the world works. It’s an interesting multi-layered adventure that still works well three years after its original release.

Horizon Zero Dawn
A beautiful and wonderful story (Image: Guerilla Games)

The extended version of Horizon Zero Dawn

The PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is the so-called Complete Edition. This one comes with the excellent Frozen Wilds expansion. The game is also provided with the various improvements that have already been implemented in the PlayStation 4 version. Think of an even higher level of difficulty and the possibility to use the New Game + option. With that you can play the main adventure a second time, while you can use the booked progress.

World looks even better in widescreen

One of the advantages of the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn is the possibility to use the Ultra Wide option in the game. This is useful when you have a wide screen. Fortunately, I have it on my desk and just like with Death Stranding, it certainly makes the game more beautiful. You simply see more on the screen while you play. As a result, the already largest and fascinating environments in the PC version are even more beautiful and I had a lot of moments where I took a moment to enjoy the variety of the environments.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Beautiful views (Image: Guerilla Games)

Frame rate makes all the difference in Horizon Zero Dawn

Another more important improvement over the PlayStation 4 version is that Horizon Zero Dawn on the PC uses a higher frame rate. You can set it to a maximum of 120 frames per second or something like infinity, depending on how powerful your system is. This makes the game run a bit smoother than on the PlayStation 4. The game was locked at 30 frames per second.

Runs smoothly (Image: Guerilla Games)

A bit outdated here and there

Despite all the improvements, Horizon Zero Dawn is a bit outdated here and there. During the various cutscenes in particular, I thought it seemed a bit wooden compared to what we saw in the past year. It is certainly not the case that you are playing a game of ten years old, but the fact is that we have seen many evolutions in the field of open world games in recent years. In that respect, this game is somewhat outdated on a few small points.

Beautiful lighting effects (Image: Guerilla Games)

However, that does not mean that I had a lot of fun with this second acquaintance with Horizon Zero Dawn. The game can now be played on the PC. Do you want to read more about gaming? Then visit our overview page here.

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[REVIEW] Horizon Zero Dawn: Also shines on the PC


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