Restrictions on weekends will be eliminated, returnees from green countries will not need isolation


The Corona Cabinet today (Wednesday) decided to lift the weekend restrictions imposed in the fight against the spread of the virus. It was also decided to increase involvement in the orange and red cities, according to the “Corona traffic light” – a position that is not yet clear what it actually means. At the center of the discussion is a confrontation between the prime minister’s approach, which pushed for a closure call, and that of the corona’s professor, Prof. Roni Gamzo, who opposes it.

In addition to lifting the weekend restrictions, the Corona Cabinet approved the authorization of Minister of Transportation and Road Safety Miri Regev Health Minister Yuli Eldstein and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi to promote the skyscrapers outline from 16.8 as proposed by Transportation Minister Regev and make decisions on the matter. Minister Regev: ” I thank Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for giving the green light to the opening of the sky. Together with Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, we will work to implement the outline that will allow the sky to open up and protect Israeli aviation.

Minister of Tourism Assaf Zamir on the Corona Cabinet’s announcement regarding the opening of the skies: “An important message for the tourism industry and all Israeli citizens. The opening of the skies is a necessary step on the recovery of the Israeli economy and the rehabilitation of the tourism industry. Horizon for the future. ”

The forum convened yesterday to discuss the possibility of new concessions or restrictions on weekends, but did not reach an agreement. As in the previous discussion, Netanyahu pushed in tonight’s discussion to impose closures, contrary to the projector’s position. Most of the ministers supported Gamzo’s position to increase involvement in the orange and red cities and to continue building the IDF headquarters and the Home Front Command, in contrast to Netanyahu’s position that called for more drastic measures.

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein stated yesterday that his ministry intends to remove the restrictions imposed in recent weeks on economic activity, because their effectiveness has not been proven. “There were thoughts of closure over the weekends,” Edelstein explained. “Other than disturbing the public – it does not contribute anything. There is no evidence that these restrictions help.”

Currently, from Friday at 17:00 until Sunday at 05:00, weekend restrictions apply. As part of this, the opening of shops, malls and markets, as well as hairdressers and beauty salons and libraries, is prohibited. The restrictions do not apply to stores that provide essential services, including places to sell food, pharmacies and pharma stores, optics stores and communications product repair labs. There is no limit on the distance out of the house.

At the same time, the Ministry of Defense and the Home Front Command presented this week the “traffic light plan”, which regulates a uniform procedure for urban activity, depending on the morbidity of each authority. This is in accordance with the request of the corona projector at the Ministry of Health, Prof. Roni Gamzo. The “traffic light” includes five levels: normal activity, extended activity, limited activity, limited activity and prohibited activity. On Wednesday, the plan will be put to a vote in the Corona Cabinet.

Thus, in a situation of low morbidity there will be normal activity – then no restrictions will apply to the public. In the next phase, there will be “extended activities”, then a gathering of up to 250 people will be allowed in closed buildings and 500 inside a closed building, and workplaces, educational activities and services for the citizen will operate under the conditions of the purple character.

In the event of a more serious illness, the traffic light will move to a state of “limited activity”: the education system will operate until the fifth grade, along with special education frameworks, high classes will move to shifts and distance learning, gatherings will be limited to 200 people in an open space and 100 people inside a building , And civilian jobs and services will operate as usual.

In the next phase, “limited activity”, only special education frameworks will operate under the “purple character” conditions, while the lower grades will study in shifts, while sixth graders and beyond will move to distance learning only, open-space gatherings will be limited to only 50 people and 25 people Inside a building, while workplaces will move to work from home, and services to the citizen will continue to operate as usual.

In the most severe phase, “prohibited activity”, there will be no educational activities at all other than special education but in distance learning, gatherings will be limited to 20 people in open space and ten people inside closed buildings, businesses defined as essential services only, and civil services will operate in a limited format.


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