Restrictions on weekends have been lifted, the sky will open


Channel 7

The Corona Cabinet last night (Wednesday) decided to lift restrictions on the opening of street shops, shopping centers and amusement facilities in public parks on weekends. At the same time, the Corona Cabinet approved the authorization of Transport Minister Miri Regev, Health Minister Yuli Eldstein and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi to promote the skies’ opening plan starting August 16, and to make decisions on the issue.

“I thank Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for giving the green light to the opening of the skies,” said Minister Regev. “Together with Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, we will work to implement the outline that will allow the skies to open up and protect Israeli aviation.”

During the meeting, Corona projector Prof. Roni Gamzo said: “No country in the world with a high level of morbidity like Israel treats morbidity without closure. The Israeli government is sensitive to the delicate socio-economic situation and difficulties of the public and therefore trusted me in a way that does not include full closure. “If the morbidity does not decrease within two weeks, he had to consider restrictions, including the possibility of a local or national closure.”

He presented the recommendations according to which: the use of closures has not been dropped (national or local), but for now it has been decided to postpone its use in light of the recommendation of Prof. Gamzo and the experts and with the support of the Prime Minister, and to re-examine its need in about two weeks.

It was also decided to abolish the restriction on stays in playgrounds in public areas.

As of 1.9, the “traffic light” program for the management of the epidemic will come into operation in the model of local authorities according to the outline of the morbidity situation in each city. The full program will be presented to the public prior to its launch date.

Gamzo added that “the premise is that a closure of any kind will cause great damage to the economy and society. The prime minister and cabinet members fully understand the social and economic difficulty many citizens face. The decision to try to reduce morbidity without closure is part of my promise to you in the new contract. “, Especially in the next two weeks, of every citizen – discipline: mask, physical distance, observance of restrictions; will lead us to reduce morbidity without the need for closure.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has updated that since midnight, 1,060 new infections have been registered in Israel with the corona virus.

In the past day, a total of 1,727 patients were diagnosed, 345 of whom are critically ill and 106 are respiratory. The death toll rose by three to 565.


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