Resigned smile at Verstappen: ‘Mercedes just too fast’ | Motorsport


“My lap was pretty good, but Mercedes is just too fast,” said Verstappen afterwards, with a resigned smile that was clearly visible and audible despite the mask.

The Dutchman looked cheerful despite the difference. He also knew that third place was the highest possible. “I did my best and that brought me to P3.”

Looking forward on Sunday, the Netherlands had to laugh a bit. “Yes, it is always different in the race and we are often closer to it. But I am certainly not going to say that I can fight with the Mercedes, normally it will be difficult. But hey, you always have a chance. ”

Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton was delighted with his pole position, which was also achieved through a new track record. “This will never be boring,” concluded the Briton, who raised his record number of poles to 91.

Still, it had not been easy, Hamilton concluded. “With the wind here it is like juggling on a moving plate, which is also racing around at high speed. A qualification is mainly about building your self-confidence. After my spin in Q2, when I was already slower than Valtteri Bottas, I had to take a few deep breaths to find my focus again. Fortunately things went better in Q3. ”


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