Research is ongoing on Apple for slowing down iPhones


U.S. states are investigating whether Apple broke the law by deliberately slowing down old iPhones. The states, led by Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich, are going to look into whether the company is guilty of illegal trading practices.

The investigation into Apple began in 2018, a year after the tech giant released a new upgrade for the iPhone. The 2017 update (iOS 10.2.1) was designed to reduce the load on older iPhones’ batteries as a solution to the inexplicable failure of some iPhones. Deliberately making the battery slower is now an option in the institutions.


According to Reuters, the study focuses on potential illegal trading practices that purposefully reduced the performance of older iPhones. Apple had made this update without informing the consumer about the possible effects of this. The practices made headlines after customers started complaining about their slowing phones.

Apple admitted in 2017 that the new updates slowed down older variants of the iPhone. Customers were outraged and it was suggested that Apple deliberately slowed down the old iPhones to boost sales of new iPhone models. Apple apologized and lowered the price of new batteries for older phones to $ 29.

In February of this year, Apple was fined $ 25 million by French regulators, and a month later the company settled $ 500 million ($ 426 million).

According to Reuters, a majority of US states are participating in the study. The parties involved have not yet responded to the news.

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