Rescue workers are fanatically searching for missing people in Beirut


The leader of the French rescue team, Colonel Vincent Tissier, remain optimistic. “As time passes, the chances of course get smaller. But our experience shows that we sometimes find people alive up to 72, 75 or 80 hours after an explosion or earthquake. So we still have some time and remain hopeful. ”

Tragic find

But no one has been found alive in the last 24 hours. Only four bodies were recovered, including that of 23-year-old Joe Akiki. His mother was in the studio of Lebanese television last night. She spoke passionately about her son and was full of hope that he would be found alive. Everyone in the studio was crying. Hours later, her son was found dead.

Joe Akiki worked in the harbor, near the storehouse of ammonium nitrate that was flown into the air. The other bodies were also found in the port area. That is also where the search for the missing is concentrated. Teams from different countries are active.

USAR with tracking dogs active

The Dutch search and rescue team USAR also searched for missing persons in the port area today. All eight dogs were deployed, taking turns because of the heat. Search the Dutch in sector A, as shown on the map on their Twitter account.

The death toll from the explosion stands at 154. That is likely to rise as more bodies of the missing are found. There are also injured people who could still succumb: of the total of 5000 injured, about 120 are in very bad shape.


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