Rescue brigade also warns of dangerous seas on Monday | Inland


The rescue brigade also warned Monday of dangerous currents in the sea, which could cause problems for swimmers. “Today it will be busy again and there will be offshore wind. Do not go further than your knees into the water ”, the Hague rescue brigade advises.

Sunday was an extremely busy day for the rescuers. A total of 268 people were removed from the water who ran into problems on the coast of The Hague. Two swimmers died there. First aid was provided to 59 people. Dozens of lost children were also reunited with their parents, according to an inventory that the brigade announced on Monday.

It also went wrong elsewhere along the coast on Sunday. Two beachgoers died in Wijk aan Zee and Zandvoort. There were dangerous currents in several places in the sea along the coast. According to the rescue squad, the combination of strong currents and the rising wind created “a very treacherous sea.”

The rescue brigade In North Holland searched in vain for a girl on Sunday evening. She would have gone into the sea at Egmond, but no one saw her come out of the water. Two helicopters helped with the search, but despite massive efforts, no one was found. The search was ended around 11 p.m.

“There has been no report of missing persons. We keep a close eye on things, but think that the female swimmer has left the water on her own ”, says a spokesman for the North Holland North security region.


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