Representatives of Elstein and DSK left the Shufersal board of directors, except for the chairman


The last appendages to a farewell that has already happened: Representatives of Eduardo Elstein and DSK left the Shufersal board after DSK sold its holdings in the retail chain and ceased to be interested in it.

Yesterday and today, Shufersal reported the resignations of the three directors, Doron Cohen, the sister of Eduardo Diana Elstein Dan, and Gerardo Ariel Tishbrovich, who served as deputy director. In contrast, the chairman of the retail chain, Mauricio Bior, has meanwhile remained in office.

Last week, Eduardo Elstein’s IDB Group completed the sale of its holdings (through DSKS) in the food retail giant Shufersal, after many years in which DSKS had a controlling interest in the company.

Although it has been two years since DSK officially held the controlling shares in Shufersal, when it dropped to a holding of only 26%, it proved then that it has actual control when it brought about two years ago the actual removal of the then chairman Israel Berman, and replaced it with a chairman on its behalf. – Mauricio Bior, who is currently in office.

Bior, who also holds Argentine citizenship in addition to his Israeli citizenship, lives in Buenos Aires. He was appointed to another term in early 2020, and his appointment is valid until the end of the current year. Bior is considered a respected chairman of Shufersal, and one who is knowledgeable in details and numbers.


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