Report: Twitter is in talks to acquire Tiktok


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Has the solution to the boycott been found? The Wall Street Journal reported today (Sunday) that Twitter is in initial talks to purchase the Chinese Tiktok app. According to the report, if the deal goes through, Twitter will be responsible for running the video app in the US.

Sources involved in the details told the newspaper that the move comes in light of US President Donald Trump’s decision to block Tiktok in the country starting September 15, amid tensions with the Chinese government and fears of misuse of the app’s personal details. However, the US boycott will be lifted If the app’s activity is transferred to the sponsorship of an American company before the due date – and as a result, many companies are now interested in purchasing Tiktok.

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Aside from Twitter, the most prominent company interested in purchasing the app is Microsoft. The company began talks with Tiktok executives even before the US boycott was announced – but halted talks after Trump threatened to block the app. It is estimated that Microsoft offered Tiktok between $ 10 billion and $ 30 billion as part of the deal.

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