Report: Stein will not coach Barça next season – Sport 5


At these levels of the Champions League, and in positions like a quarter-final, after absorbing an eighth it is not surprising to hear the next day about the dismissal of the sacked coach. Barcelona was most humiliatingly defeated 8: 2 to Bayern Munich, the biggest defeat in its history in Europe, and now Kika Stein’s future is clearly on the agenda.

In Spain it is currently estimated that tonight’s game (Friday) was the coach’s last on the lines for the Catalans. One of the top reporters in the European sports media, Fabrizio Romano, reported that a decision has already been made that Stein will not be the coach next season, and other reports indicate that Mauricio Pochettino and Xavi are the top candidates to replace him, with ex-Tottenham leading the race. In any case, fans on social media are confident that the coach who signed the nightmare evening of the Spanish runner-up should say goodbye.

Stein He himself responded after the loss: “It’s a huge and painful defeat. The team suffered a very hard blow. It’s too early to think about my future at the club, it’s not up to me. Pique’s things? “We feel great frustration.”

“This loss hurt me a lot personally,” the coach continued. “It not only hurts me because of my future, because I know what profession I am in, but it hurts because it makes me think about the club and the fans. Everything has to be analyzed from a more distant perspective.”


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