Report in Syria: 15 killed in Israeli attacks


a a A Syrian human rights groups reported early Tuesday morning that fifteen pro-Iranian militia operatives were killed last night in Israeli airstrikes in the south of the country.

The IDF claimed responsibility for the attacks in Syria last night. An official statement from the IDF Spokesman stated: .

“The targets attacked include observation posts and means of gathering intelligence, anti-aircraft guns and means of command and control at Syrian army bases. “The IDF considers the Syrian regime responsible for every action taken in its territory, and will continue to act resolutely against any violation of the sovereignty of the State of Israel.”

Syria’s official Syrian news agency reported: “Our air defense systems have been activated against hostile targets in the skies of southwestern Damascus.”

As mentioned, the IDF attack came in response to a security incident that took place on Sunday on the border between Israel and Syria, after four terrorists approached the border, placed an explosive device and were killed shortly afterwards by a Magellan force.


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