Report in South America: An Israeli was murdered in a prison in Ecuador, his friend was injured


An Israeli prisoner was murdered today (Saturday) in a prison in Ecuador, a few days before the start of his trial. The prisoner was suspected of transferring prohibited substances to the state.

According to reports in South America, the Israeli was killed during a mass brawl that broke out in prison during which dozens were injured. Another Israeli who was in prison was apparently injured.

The prison where the murder, which apparently took place with a sharp tool, took place, is a secure prison intended for the protection of witnesses. The trial of the Israeli prisoner was scheduled to take place in the coming days.

According to local sources, the two were arrested in June in Ecuador. The injured Israeli was wanted for escaping from a prison in Panama. They were arrested for trading in corona test kits that were allegedly defective. The two suspects impersonating local health organization employees were caught with hundreds of thousands of dollars in their possession

The Foreign Ministry is aware of the case and the matter is currently under investigation.


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