Report: After just one year, Juventus fired Sari


Surprised? After last night’s (Friday) relegation from the Champions League already in the quarterfinals, there is already one Juventus paying the price – Maurizio Sari. Lyon defeated the old lady because of the French side’s foreign goal (2: 2 at the end of both games), and the coach was fired, according to a report by Fabrizio Romano, one of the top reporters of European football in Italy.

Yuba will have to make quite a few preparations for next season, because the ability she has displayed since returning from the corona retreat, she can not afford in the future. In light of the dismal end of the Italians, who admittedly won the local championship but with very lukewarm ability, many questions arose about the future of Sari on the lines. The group’s president, Andrea Aneili, made it clear after the dismissal: “Sari remains”. However, as stated, in the end words are separate and reality apart, and although there is still no official announcement about this, it seems that the parties have already parted ways.

The leading candidate to replace Sari is Simona Inzaghi, Lazio’s esteemed coach, with whom the Italian champions will likely have to come to compensation. More expensive options are: Mauricio Pochettino and Zinedine Zidane, according to the Gazette.

Another aspect that Aneili understands that his club needs to make changes to is the staff. “I often hear that we have one of the oldest staffs in Europe, it’s food for thought,” the president said. So what really is in terms of change? Miralem Pjanic has finished his career at the club and will move to Barcelona, ​​the one who will replace him is Arthur who will do the opposite.

Also, another player who has already signed for the club and will join soon is Diane Kolosevsky. The Swedish talent from Parma was acquired by Yuba in the middle of the season and will be part of the rejuvenation that Aneili talked about.

Alongside those who signed, another name that has come up more than once is that of Federico Keiza from Fiorentina. Fiorentina’s excellent winger may also join the ranks of the old lady this summer.

Those who may find themselves out of the club are Gonzalo Higuain, who appears to be interested in being released by Juventus, and Douglas Costa may also have to look for another team, after some reports in Italy said Juventus would put him up for sale.

Either way, the team from Turin has quite a bit of work ahead of next season. A sari known for the “sari ball” and the offensive method of play fell into the (mostly working) template of playing at the feet of Cristiano Ronaldo. Although the ability of the phenomenon in many cases is sufficient, as we saw last night, to win the championship needs something more.


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