René van Kooten and Brigitte Heitzer create theater performance together NOW


René van Kooten and Brigitte Heitzer, who were seen together in the musicals Avoid in All Shook Up, tour the Dutch theaters in September and October. In Brigitte Heitzer and René van Kooten – Do it together The actors sing well-known musical numbers, as well as songs from, among others, The Police and Toon Hermans.

No show will run the same, says Heitzer, who broke through with her lead role in Avoid. “We are also curious about stories from the audience in the performance and are requesting numbers. In this way we make the evening together with the audience and every night is unique.”

Van Kooten is looking forward to being on the stage again. “The icing on the cake is that I can do that with my own performance together with my best friend Brigitte.”

Tickets for their performance are now on sale.


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