Renault does not stop and protests again


Renault has again protested the Racing Point car. This time it is a single protest, as Nico Hülkenberg was unable to start in the British Grand Prix. Renault aims the arrows this time only at Lance Stroll’s car.

Although the investigation following the previous protests is still ongoing, it does not stop the French from stopping the battle against Racing Point. The subject of the protest is also, not surprisingly the same again. Renault suspects Racing Point of copying the ‘brake ducts’ from last year’s Mercedes. Renault’s previous protests, in Austria and Hungary, have been merged into one investigation. It is expected that the FIA ​​will not conduct a separate investigation in response to the protest at Silverstone.

The Racing Point car is watched with suspicion by the competition. It is popularly referred to as the ‘Pink Mercedes’, because the RP20 is in many ways similar to the 2019 Mercedes W10. It turns out to be a golden move by Racing Point to try to recreate the car as much as possible. The team is strong in qualifying. This already gave Lance Stroll a third starting place in Hungary. This weekend was a lot more difficult for the team. Nico Hülkenberg, the replacement for corona-infected Sergio Pérez, was unable to start due to a problem with the engine.

Lance Stroll was therefore the only remaining Racing Point driver in the race. The Canadian finished ninth behind both Renaults.


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