Remove the tweet with the protesters’ addresses and avoid harassing them


Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Judge Dorit Feinstein today (Sunday) ordered Yair Netanyahu to remove the tweet in which he revealed the details of some of the leaders of the protest against his father and called for them to come to their homes. The judge also ordered Netanyahu to refrain from harassing them for six months “in any form and in any way,” thus responding to a request by Haim Shadmi, one of the founders of the “Crime Minister” protest movement, to issue an order to prevent threatening harassment against the prime minister’s son.

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“The procedure for preventing threatening harassment is a forward-looking procedure,” the judge wrote, “and although I instruct the respondent to remove the publication that is the subject of the application, it is of no use since the publication was repeatedly circulated in the media and social networks. , Did not rebuke followers who called for violence, and did not remove the tweet despite the violent discourse it provoked, then there is a fear that the respondent will come back and harass the applicants and violate both their privacy and peace of mind. “This has the effect of harassing the applicants with threatening harassment, including their personal details, even if they can be obtained with reasonable effort.”

Yair Netanyahu Photo: Moti Kimhi

Judge Feinstein rejected Netanyahu’s argument that the High Court allowed demonstrations in front of the ombudsman’s private home, distinguishing between a demonstration in front of the prime minister’s residence and a private person’s home: The private of people, and not she. The respondent’s attorney claimed that the respondent directed to the High Courts that deal with demonstrations near the Attorney General’s house, the home of the Supreme Court President and the home of the Minister of Internal Security. There is nothing in these High Courts with the respondent’s claims in the tweet. First, these are demonstrations that were coordinated with the police and were confined to clear times, and did not take place day and night. “Secondly, it is doubtful to me whether it can be argued that a demonstration in front of the house of demonstrators is a lawful demonstration in front of the house of public figures, and it is doubtful whether the involvement of those seeking demonstrations in front of the Prime Minister’s House makes them, for now, public figures.”

In response to the verdict, Netanyahu Jr. deleted the tweet and wrote: “In principle, the judge said that I should remove the tweet (and I did). This is a tweet in which I uploaded a screenshot from the registrar of associations that is visible to everyone in a Google search.” About their calls for murder towards me, and it didn’t seem to interest her at all. ”

Advocate Gonen Ben Yitzhak, who represents the Crime Minister activists, claimed: “We are after a weekend of incessant harassment, threats to family members and all this because the respondent disseminated details and actually called for us to come and do justice. And if that was not enough even after we filed the application for an order it did not deter him from underestimating the legal process and continuing to distribute these things. Beyond the fact that the respondent has over 88,000 followers on Twitter he also spread the word on Facebook and a few minutes ago it was reported that Facebook removed this post because in her opinion it is against Facebook’s rules. “Around his tweet were threats such as ‘go up to their house and burn them down with their families’ that he did not demand to be removed or condemned.”

Netanyahu’s lawyer, Yossi Cohen, argued that the allegations against him should be dismissed outright: “The existence of the discussion and called on the audience ‘fans’ to come to the discussion.”

Haim Shadmi, one of the founders of the Crime Minister protest movement Haim Shadmi, one of the founders of the Crime Minister protest movement Photo: Yael Friedson

Cohen accused Shadmi of threatening Netanyahu, referring to the fact that Netanyahu did not arrive: “The whole goal is one – they wanted to bring Yair Netanyahu to court. What they complain about they do in the ugliest way. No offense was committed here. There is no doubt that the publication is total. “A photocopy of a public document from the Registrar of Associations. There is no call for violence here and we oppose any violence of any kind.”

In response, Advocate Gonen Ben Yitzhak presented the judge with his cell phone in which they call on Crimeanster supporters not to go to court. He added: “The person who received this document with our details received it from a source in the Ministry of Justice. How did the information reach Yair Netanyahu? I want them to check it out. ”

Judge Dorit Feinstein asked Adv. Cohen: “Does not respondent Yair Netanyahu see the difference between ministers and public figures and the applicants?”.

Cohen replied: “This freedom of expression that has come to an extreme with a megaphone outside the prime minister’s residence, screams ugly curses. They are corrupting an entire country – is that the truth. And they complain that they wrote a post about them demonstrating in front of their house?”.

Haim Shadmi responded to the accusations against him by Adv. Cohen about threats against Netanyahu: The next day, the Prime Minister of Israel invites me to a senior investigative officer to file the same complaint. If any of these factors would have thought I was dangerous to anyone or the world I would have been treated a long time ago. I plead not guilty. ”

Cohen spoke with Yair Netanyahu on the phone and told the judge that “the respondent is not responsible for the responses to the post and condemns them in every language. He suffers from tens of thousands of publications as a result of organizations such as this organization which is the most serious and violent and last.

Orly Singer, one of the activists whose details was revealed by the prime minister’s son, said in an interview this morning: “Those around me are more stressed than I am. I knew the elements in the locality where I live that people might come in here.

Singer added: “I’m not afraid of hurting myself personally, I’m afraid of hurting protesters in general. We got into a very unpleasant situation in this country, unpleasant things happened and people were hurt. I did not come to the court hearing today because I do not like the threats at the entrance. “I do not want provocations, I am fighting for something and I do not intend to fight against people who want to harm me. What Yair Netanyahu did is a very serious thing, we will continue the struggle and we will continue to fight.”

On Thursday, Netanyahu Jr. posted on his Twitter account a tweet in which he called on the prime minister’s supporters to come to the homes of the members of the board of directors of the “New Contract” organization, which leads the protest movement against his father, and demonstrate in front of them. The tweet also published the association’s documents with the full details of its members – according to them, in violation of the Privacy Protection Law.

Yair Netanyahu's tweet Yair Netanyahu’s tweet

“I invite everyone to come and demonstrate, day and night (the High Court says it is allowed) under the houses of these people,” tweeted Yair Netanyahu.

In addition, elements affiliated with the “If You Will” right-wing movement visited the home of a member of the protest movement, Adv. Gonen Ben Yitzhak.

Ben Yitzhak noted over the weekend that “the court took Netanyahu Jr.’s incitement seriously, and an urgent hearing was scheduled for Sunday morning. We call on the public to appear en masse in Balfour. It will be a winning answer. The answer to incitement and violence against the protesters.”


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