Remco Evenepoel taken to hospital after chilling …


Remco Evenepoel gets the first worries after his fall. — ©  AFP

What was supposed to be a high day for Remco Evenepoel turned into a drama. The top favorite joined a leading group with a few favorites at the right time, but things went wrong in a descent. Evenepoel fell in a descent. He crashed into a wall and plunged into a ravine. Evenepoel was conscious after his fall and was carried to the ambulance on a stretcher. The young Belgian has been taken to hospital.

Evenepoel was taken to the Sant’Anna hospital in San Fermo della Battaglia (near Como).

The descent of the Muro di Sormano is not favorable for Belgians. In 2017, both De Plus and Bakelants fell heavily in this immersion.

(more later)

Remco Evenepoel is carried out of the ravine on a stretcher. — ©  AFP

©  AFP

Remco Evenepoel collided with his bicycle on this wall and then ended up in the ravine.



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