Religious Zionism is in turmoil following the exposure of knitwear


Maid service in Aminadav. The photographers have nothing to do with the article (Photo: Naama Marinberg)

As we revealed today (Thursday) in Srugim, the national service associations received a notice from the Ministry of Education yesterday (Wednesday), according to which, since the budget has not yet been settled and approved, there is currently no capacity to operate the national service next year. In total, the national service education standards stand at about 4,000 girls and boys from all sectors who are at risk.

In religious Zionism the reactions were not long in coming. Jerusalem and Heritage Minister and former Minister of Education Rafi Peretz responded to the revelation: “Failure to transfer a budget does not constitute an excuse to reduce disparities,” Rabbi Peretz told Srugim. Reducing gaps in the periphery, special education and youth at risk, etc. We solved them all in a transitional government without a budget.

MK Ayelet Shaked (right) said: “It is impossible for this to happen, there is currently a huge budget crisis in the Ministry of Education due to the non-transfer of the budget, we will take care of it and make sure that the money is transferred.”

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The Ministry of Education stops the standards of the national service


MK Ofir Sofer (right) also responded to the publication: “The Chelm government. Another example is that the burden falls on the organizations only. The government must not stand aside. “Coalition members are doing politics on the state budget and on the way citizens, educational enterprises, and third sector organizations are taking courses.”

MK Matan Kahana in response to the publication: “The failure of this detached government is now being compounded by damage to one of the important enterprises of religious Zionism. Giving up the national service enterprise at this time is nonsense. “I expect the government to find an immediate solution.”

The Jewish House will vote against the budget

National Union Director General Yehuda Wald said: “So while the original and the replacement are engaged in political wars in the name of the budget, the amazing girls and national servants who are busy helping underprivileged populations and important social action that is so consumed in the days of the Corona are thrown by the wayside.

“Even now, these projects must not stop. I call on my friends, Minister of Education Yoav Galant, Minister of Finance Israel Katz and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to put the solution to this crisis at the forefront. It is the law of souls.”

The director general of the Jewish Home, Nir Orbach: “National service in our souls. If the standards are not approved, we will vote against the state budget! “

Yaron Lutz, director general of the Association for Voluntary Volunteering on the decision of the Ministry of Education. “The announcement by the Ministry of Education to cancel the training for national service volunteers due to lack of budget is delusional and illogical. “It is not possible that three weeks before the start of the school year, in a year that is expected to be particularly challenging in the shadow of the corona, when the education system needs a lot of manpower and the added value of national service volunteers, thousands of volunteers will be left without a frame.”

Senior members of religious Zionism said mockingly: “I wonder when Rabbi Druckman and the other rabbis will say again that the prime minister’s proposal for the post of education minister is an inappropriate proposal. Religious Zionism has abandoned the Ministry of Education in favor of government whims and now the public is paying the price.”

The director general of the National Civil Service, Reuven Pinsky, wrote yesterday to the new Minister of Settlement, Tzachi Hanegbi, who took office only earlier this week that “the issue of national service values ​​is not a set of services for one body or another, these young people are not cheap staff.” Purchasing their service “, the national civil service is a moral obligation and a great right for young people who have received an exemption from the IDF to donate to the state and society for their contribution. They receive the status of a discharged soldier and a sense of accomplice. It is unlikely that Israel will deny this right to such young men. Other”.

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