Relief of Liat Ben – Ari’s construction offense will result in tens of thousands of petitions in Israel The lawyers are ready


The attempt by legal officials to arrange a permit for Liat Ben-Ari and her husband and to whitewash the construction offenses she committed, will lead to a flood of petitions in Rosh HaAyin and in the entire country, the Rosh HaAyin municipality estimates. These assessments are also shared by lawyers working in the real estate field.

If there is relief in front of Liat Ben-Ari, due to pressure from the legal system, hundreds of thousands of citizens in Israel will rightly feel that this is selective enforcement. A full-fledged citizen is on trial after an indictment is filed against him, he pays a very high fine and is even forced to destroy the violation in his property, compared to the Deputy State Attorney, who is allegedly elevated from the people, to receive a green light for the criminal act committed on her property.

In Rosh HaAyin, talks have already begun between residents who have been charged and fined. One of them told 0404 News about a fine of tens of thousands of NIS and that he would immediately petition the court to cancel his fine and approve the deviation in his property – as long as something similar to Liat Ben-Ari is approved. Hundreds of similar citizens in Rosh HaAyin are waiting to see what a day will bring.

To the extent of selective enforcement and the granting of a permit without an indictment to Liat Ben-Ari, tens of thousands of petitions and possibly even hundreds of thousands of petitions for the cancellation of indictments for construction offenses are being viewed in Israel.

Advocate Avichai Hajabi told Boaz Golan last night on the “Open Studio” program on Channel 20 that he would assist any resident who was indicted without any compensation and would like to appeal to the court in favor of its cancellation: . That would be an argument for selective enforcement and I do not know if there is a judge who can ignore it. “Anyone who has been indicted for acts similar to those committed by Liat Ben-Ari and her husband should go to court and claim a defense of justice and the indictment will be dismissed.”


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