Regev against the protesters in Balfour: “Incitement of the left against Netanyahu”


Transport Minister Miri Regev this evening (Saturday) on the “Meet the Press” program attacked the forgiving attitude, she said, towards the demonstrators against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “There should be zero tolerance for anyone who incites,” she said, but stressed: “There is a difference between demonstrations of pain and demonstrations of incitement and calls for violence against the prime minister.”

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Asked why she did not condemn the violence against the protesters against the government in Tel Aviv, Regev replied: “You have a very great forgiveness towards the left because you are part of the same propaganda that he is doing against the right. “Those who call for murder and violence against the prime minister and his family. There is an incitement plant against the prime minister and against the right. An incitement enterprise of the left that is fueled by the new foundation and the media.”

“It’s not right and those thugs should be prosecuted.” Until now, Regev has not condemned breaking the bottle | Photo: N12

Regev stressed that she understands the pain of the many citizens and the economic difficulty during this period, but distinguishes between the various demonstrations. “There is a difference between demonstrations of pain and demonstrations of incitement, of hatred, of calling for violence against the prime minister and his family, a very big difference,” she said. “I call on the ombudsman and the police to wake up and show zero tolerance for crossing such red lines.”

Regev referred to tensions within the Likud and the decline of the party in recent polls, arguing that this does not indicate a loss of contact with the public. She further emphasized that coalition chairman Mickey Zohar should remain in office: “Mickey Zohar is doing his job faithfully, not just with blue and white who are not exactly committed to the coalition.”

Mickey Zohar
“The chairman of the coalition is doing his job faithfully.” Mickey Zohar | Photo: News 2

The unity government is not yet three months old and there is already talk of dismantling it against the background of the budget crisis. According to Regev, the allegations that Netanyahu wants to pass an annual budget to leave room for a baseless election: “The prime minister wants to pass an annual budget because this is the way to flow a budget to the State of Israel today. If Ganz wants to prevent an election, he should say he is in favor -annual”.

Regev referred to Gantz’s remarks in an interview with Dana Weiss: “When I hear that Benny Gantz says ‘I do not want to get up for school,’ I ask what he does here when we have a prime minister who sleeps in the school, wakes up the teachers and wakes up the administration. “Various initiatives by such and other factors that tell Bnei Gantz that if he leads us to the elections, then an alternative government will be formed.”

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz
“I ask him what he’s still doing here.” Bnei Gantz

The flight ticket money will be returned to Israelis from El Al

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis bought tickets from El Al, but the company’s future is uncertain. Asked when we would get to fly abroad again or at least see the money on the tickets we bought, Regev replied: “Over the weekend, El-Al’s board of directors accepted the outline that the state offered him – a $ 250 million loan and a $ 150 million IPO.” There will be no one to buy the shares that will be issued – it is the state that will buy them and ownership of El-Al will pass into its hands.

“The great news for the public is that as soon as they go public, EL AL receives the first loan and repays $ 61 million to the Israeli public for tickets purchased and not redeemed for the flight,” Regev stated. “From the moment of the issue, August 31, El Al will have a month to return the money to Israelis who bought tickets.”


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