Red Star President: Michael Ojo contracted Corona before his death


In an interview with the Serbian media, Nebuja Chovic revealed that the chin’s family, who died after collapsing during training, said that Ujo was positive for the virus.

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Red Star president Belgrade Nebuja Tsubic revealed tonight (Monday) that Michael Ojo, who passed away last Friday was found positive for Corona before his death and had also been ill with pneumonia before. In addition, it was alleged that the player returned to the activities of the Nigerian-American player of the Serbian team last season collapsed during a personal training session he conducted, with the cause of death being a heart attack.

Chovic told the TV channel “Sportklub” that the Serbian champion had received permission to do so from Ujo’s family and also from the player’s agent. He claimed the details were provided as part of attempts to understand what caused the tragic incident that occurred in the life of the 27-year-old chin. In addition, the Red Star president claimed that the player was diagnosed with pneumonia on July 6, when despite the recommendations Ojo preferred to avoid a corona test and settled for antibiotic treatments given to him to treat pneumonia.

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Found positive for Corona before his death? Michael Ojo (Photo: From the Euroleague players’ Twitter)

On July 29, Ojo received a message that pneumonia was in remission, and received permission to return to light training. Chovich added that Ujo trained three times before he received permission to do so, when on the advice of doctors he was advised to return to light training only.

Chovich added that the doctors’ recommendation in the Mecca for pneumonia is a rest of between three and six weeks, in addition to raising the possibility that the combination of the corona after the pneumonia may have caused Ojoo’s heart attack. The investigation of the case is still ongoing, with the autopsy of the deceased including a corona examination.


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