Recruits in August? This is what your chain of command will look like


Following the spread of the corona virus, and the fear that it would harm the IDF’s agenda, a number of changes were defined in the enlistment chain of conscripts.

Changes in the enlistment chain of conscripts following the Corona virus: The IDF has made a number of adjustments to the soldiers’ recruitment system due to grave concerns about the virus spreading inside the bases.

Among the adjustments made in dealing with the corona virus, there is a reduction in the number of recruits every day to prevent overcrowding in the conscription chain, and splitting the Tel Hashomer recruitment bureau into four alternative sites – the Green Village, the Yehud ICT Memorial Site, the Hulda Combat Engineering Memorial Site Israel ‘in Holon, as checkpoints and collection points. Later, another center will be opened in Holon. In addition, the recruits were instructed to arrive unaccompanied by families to prevent gatherings, similar to recruits in the March cycle, and security and policing arrangements at the recruitment sites were strengthened.

Photo by Noam Moskowitz/Flash90

Every recruit who comes to a recruitment site will undergo a heat test and an in-depth questioning regarding his health condition and conduct in the two weeks prior to recruitment, at the end of which the recruit will sign a health declaration. The recruits will travel on buses dedicated to the conscription chain, which will have up to 30 recruits. The buses will go directly to the absorption complex and the conscription chain, where the number of stations has been reduced. The transition between the stations will be carried out in an orderly manner and separately from other stations. Bouncers and disciplinary representatives were deployed along the chain, in order to assist the new recruits and ensure compliance with the guidelines.

Photo by Moshe Shai/FLASH90

Upon arrival at the training bases, recruits will undergo heat tests, in-depth questioning and signing a health declaration again. Absorption into units will be done in accordance with the guidelines and while reducing and maintaining distance at each station. Their arrival and departure from the bases will be done through military commutes.

In addition, an isolated compound has been set up at the training bases where the recruits will reside, which includes all the infrastructure required for the training to take place. The activities will take place in capsules according to the size of the training and in light of the adapted guidelines.

Formations will take place only after 14 days of recruitment, to ensure that all participants are healthy.

From the IDF website.


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