Record in the number of people infected in Corona per day


Corona virus – a situation in Israel and around the world

9:00 – World record for the number of infections per day

The World Health Organization (WHO) last night (Friday) updated a world record in the number of people infected with corona in one day, with the total number of diagnoses worldwide rising by 292,527 people. The largest increases in the number of infections were recorded in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa. The deaths rose to 6,812 people.

According to the health organization, the previous world record was set on July 24, when 284,196 new cases were diagnosed. On that day, 9,753 deaths were recorded worldwide, the second highest per day. Last month, the average daily death toll was 5,200, compared to 4,600 in June. The outbreak of the plague has diagnosed more than 17,100,000 people worldwide and more than 668,900 people have died.

Corona test in sewage Source: Kando

In the United States, 1,453 corona patients have died in the past day, the highest number of deaths in a single day since May 27. According to a Reuters news agency report, the death toll from Corona in the United States has risen to 153,882. In the past day, 66,986 new cases of Corona have been diagnosed. To date, 4.58 million people have been infected in the United States.

Dr. Anthony Fouchi, the chief expert on the U.S. administration for infectious diseases, estimated yesterday that the U.S. will have an effective vaccine against the virus by early next year. Pauchi said that in the first phase, high-risk people will be vaccinated. “I do not think everyone will be vaccinated right away,” he said, “but we will provide a vaccine to every American who needs it.”

Hong Kong Hong Kong Photo: Reuters

In Brazil, the Ministry of Health updated that in the last day, 52,383 new infections were diagnosed in Corona and 1,212 patients died. More than 2.6 million people have been infected in Corona since the outbreak of the plague in Brazil and the death toll stands at 92,475. One of those infected in Brazil is Michel Bolsonero, the wife of President Jair Bolsonero, who announced earlier this week that he had recovered from the virus after contracting it last month.

In Mexico, too, a daily record of epidemics of the outbreak was recorded – 8,458 people. The number of people infected with corona since the beginning of the plague in Mexico stands at 424,637 people. The Mexican Ministry of Health has updated that 688 corona patients have died in the past day, and the death toll so far has risen to 46,688. In doing so, Mexico overtook Britain, and is the third largest mortality figure in the world after the United States and Brazil.

In France, health authorities yesterday reported a “significant increase” of 54% in the number of new cases since last week. According to the authorities, the increase included all age groups, but the Public Health Authority said that a particularly alarming increase was recorded among young people aged 20 to 30. In addition, there was also an increase in the number of hospitalized patients.

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday delayed the next steps to ease the closure, after 846 new cases of infection were diagnosed in a day – the highest number of daily infections in the past month. “This is a warning light,” Johnson said, adding that it was an inevitable step. “I know a lot of people will be disappointed. I’m sorry about that. We can not take a risk.”


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