Reading, in preparation for the Rebbe’s funeral: ‘Reduce attendance’


a a A While the followers of Sadigura gather now (Tuesday) and say with great emotion Psalms around the bed of the late Rebbe, who passed away last night, in the main beit midrash hall in Shikun H. in Bnei Brak – the police express hope that the funeral will not turn into a mass gathering, dangerous due to the corona virus .

During these hours, the police are preparing in large numbers for the funeral procession, which will begin today (Tuesday) at 16:00 in the Beit Midrash, and at the end of which the participants will travel to the cemetery in Givatayim, where he will be buried.

Despite a number of cautious guidelines that have already been issued by the storks, at the end of a meeting with the top police, it reiterates that “in view of the spread of the corona epidemic, arrival must be reduced – this to prevent a large crowd, which poses a real danger to participants’ health.”

The police call on the participants of the funeral, “to obey the instructions of the police, to maintain public order and to observe the guidelines of the Ministry of Health regarding the corona virus in full, which include: wearing masks at all times, banning gatherings and keeping two meters away from each other.”

Placing the checkpoints around the beit midrash

Following the funeral, it was decided on a number of temporary traffic arrangements from 15:00 to 18:00, the following streets in the city of Bnei Brak will be closed to vehicular traffic:

• Raines Street
• Aharonovitch Street in the section between Raines Street and Ezra Street
• Ezra Street between the numbers 1 and 20.

In addition, starting at 5:00 PM, Avnei Zichron Street in Givatayim, in the section between Aliyat Hanoar and Rambam Street, will be gradually closed to traffic, and local residents will enter the street upon presentation of an identity card.

Due to the blockage of these streets, the police turn to them and say: “The drivers are asked to avoid reaching the blocked streets and their surroundings, to use them in alternative ways and to obey the instructions of the police. You can use the WAZE app and the Israel Police 110 information center.”

“We reiterate,” say the Israel Police: “These days, a large gathering of participants is a real and immediate danger to peace and public health. Therefore, the public must adhere strictly to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, and reduce attendance – for your health and the health of your families.”


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