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Giving yourself a child at the age of 71, an eighth child that is, because your exes keep the others away from you; Emile Ratelband just does that. And although I am always very careful when it comes to expressing my opinion about someone else’s desire to have children – I am 43 myself and would love to have a fourth child – I still want to make a blunt judgment in this case: ‘What an incredible egoist Emile is! ‘


Let’s be honest; if you’ve managed to have a total of seven children by three women and those women keep those children away from you, then you’re doing something wrong in your life. That can’t be a coincidence, say. Exes can be witches, spiteful mothers all the way, but there seems to be something more going on here. Ratelband is therefore not the epitome of a stable, responsible father if you ask me. You can safely label someone who tries to get it in court to lower his age by 20 years ‘pretty crazy’.

71 is too old to have another child. Point. We can discuss that for a long time, but the average man in the Netherlands dies when he is 80.5 years old, which means that Betheke Pleun will most likely no longer have a father before she is 10. And not a mother, because Ratelband had her given to a 35-year-old Brazilian who he picked from the internet for the occasion. It will be your foundation, as a child.


Ratelband deals in crazy things. He wanted to call a son Rolls Royce that way. And a daughter Tjakkalotte. The municipality put a stop to this. At the age of 68, he was dumped by his 21-year-old girlfriend and previously joined a 41-year-younger childcare worker. These are just a few of the many antics. And now this again. Buying a child because you consider yourself and your own wishes so important. You don’t get them much more narcissistic.

Even if you have a child at 30, you can die a few years later or get under the proverbial train a day after birth, for sure. But in theory that is not how nature and life are planning. Ratelband’s surrogacy plan has already been cleaned up twice by Mother Nature, first with a miscarriage, then with a stillbirth. “Pick up those signals, old man,” I thought as I read it. But Ratelband only hears itself. And so a third attempt was made. And now there is a Betheke in the cradle.


The girl will really get enough love, there is no doubt in that. I just had given her more stability and a better outlook. Not very likely to have to stand at your father’s grave before you are fully grown up. Ratelband is 71 and is, according to his own words, the first on the seesaw in an amusement park. “It’s about quality, not quantity,” he says online.

Still, I think most children also like to see their father there for them when they graduate, when they are going to renovate their first house, get married, have children … In short, grow up. What do you buy for an elderly guy on a seesaw? Nothing at all. It should have been banned, this whole spectacle. But some just get everything they want. A child on order at the age of 71. It’s more than sick.


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