Rapencross in Lokeren, the opener of the cyclocross season, canceled Cyclocross


The cyclocross season will then not start on September 26 in Lokeren. Mayor Filip Anthuenis has banned the competition. Also the BK for elite cyclists without a contract and promises may not take place in Lokeren.

Lokeren is hit hard by the 2nd wave of the coronavirus and that is why the city already decided to cancel all events in August. Now the college of ships has also banned the Rapencross in one movement.

That race should have been the start of the redesigned cyclocross season on September 26 anyway. “The figures clearly show that we have to take the situation seriously,” says mayor Filip Anthuenis. “That’s why I give negative advice for the Rapencross.”

“Also the BK for elite cyclists without a contract and promises falls under this heading and will therefore not take place in Lokeren in September.”

“We have already made this decision so that the organizers do not incur unnecessary costs, only to be informed a few days before the start that the event cannot take place. We make these decisions with a heavy heart, but there is no other option. ”

Organization still hopes for Rapencross at a later date

The organizers hope that the corona crisis will come to an end as soon as possible and that there will still be room for a Rapencross later in the season.

“This of course hurts a lot, but we all know that there are now other things that prevail than a Rapencross,” says organizer Bram De Brauwer.

“No one can predict which way the corona virus will go. But if we can find a new date for the Rapencross, we would be very happy. Also with regard to the Belgian championship for elite cyclists without a contract and promises, we would like to have a table with the people of the Belgian cycling association sit down to figure out a new date. ”


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