Rail unions cannot reach agreement with NS, parties back to their supporters | NOW


The rail unions and the Dutch Railways did not reach an agreement on Friday about cutback proposals and an employment pact, the unions and the Central Works Council of the Dutch Railways announced on Saturday. In the coming weeks, the parties will have their supporters consider a new proposal from the Dutch Railways.

During the second formal meeting with the unions on Friday, the Dutch Railways came up with a new proposal. The trade unions VHS Railprofessionals, the Trade Union for Rijdend Personeel (VVMC), FNV Spoor and CNV Professionals want to discuss this with their supporters in the near future. The member consultations are expected to start in September, a VVMC spokesperson told NU.nl.

Earlier this week, the Dutch Railways announced that it did not want to increase staff wages for the next two years. NS also expects flexibility from its staff, now that it threatens to lose around 4.7 billion euros in turnover up to 2025.

The VVMC then announced that it did not agree with the proposals, while FNV said that it did not shy away from actions.


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