Rafael and American company set up a factory in the United States to manufacture “Iron Dome” missiles and launchers


The American company Raytheon and Rafael Advanced Combat Systems Ltd. signed an agreement to establish a joint company (Raytheon Rafael Area Protection Systems) For the production and marketing of launchers and interceptor missiles of the Iron Dome system, for the US Army and more. Under the partnership agreement, the two companies will also provide their customers with support, integration and logistics services, initially for two Iron Dome batteries purchased by the US military. Today, Iron Dome missiles and launchers are manufactured in the United States in a distributed manner through subcontractors.

The Iron Dome (Tamir) interceptor missiles, known as Skyhunter, are capable of intercepting cruise missiles, autonomous air systems and short-range targets such as missiles, artillery and mortars, along with other air threats. With over 2,500 successful interceptions and 90% Success For the past 9 years, the Iron Dome system has been an essential and important part of protecting against many challenges, including protecting against the increasing use of missile barrages.

Sam Danka, VP of ground combat systems at Raytheon: “Raytheon and Rafael together produce advanced weapons systems that enable the protection of civilians and critical infrastructure in Israel. The collaboration with Raphael, allows us to provide protection from short-term threats to many customers around the world as well.

“We are proud of our collaboration with Raytheon and the joint production of Iron Dome components on U.S. soil,” said Brigadier General (Res.) Pini Jungman, senior vice president and head of Raphael’s air defense systems division. “We have a long history of partnership and production of Iron Dome in the US and we are happy that now we can through the new company even increase production there.”

Raphael’s spokeswoman

For over a decade, Rafael and Raytheon have been collaborating in the development and production of the Iron Dome and the Magic Wand. Raytheon is a leading and innovative American security industry that specializes in civil, government and cyber defense solutions. The company has been operating for more than 98 years during which it provides up-to-date solutions in the worlds of electronics, integrative patchwork systems, sensing systems, and C5I to various customers in over 80 countries.


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