Radio DJ Fien Vermeulen will publish a book about life in September NOW


Fien Vermeulen (29) announced the arrival of her writing debut on Friday. The radio DJ, who developed lymph node cancer at the age of 21, releases her book in September It is raining sunbeams from.

Vermeulen shares the news on Instagram with a photo of the book’s cover shoot, which took place on Friday morning. “It took me almost seven years to get started, but I’m really glad I did it,” said the Qmusic DJ.

“I am so curious what you think of it, I would love to read it to you all”, she continues. “What is special is that the photo was taken by the same photographer who shot my bald ball all those years ago. Nice round circle.”

Vermeulen edited the song at the beginning of this year It is raining sunbeams from Acda and de Munnik to a hip-hop song for the program Hiphop Stars. Shortly after the radio host played her version of the song, her mother was found to have cancer.

“I felt so terribly lonely when I was sick,” the presenter told at the time. “You can get that feeling through cancer, but also if you lose someone or experience something else.”


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