Rabbi Peretz: Calls on Ganz to recover – political and political news


The Minister of Education, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, addressed this morning (Sunday) at his entry into the weekly cabinet meeting on how the education system is dealing with the corona crisis.

“Our deployment prevented a faster spread of the corona. The Ministry of Education is prepared for any scenario and carries out actions in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health. In Italy, schools and universities have closed and with us the actions have proven themselves,” the minister noted.

Rabbi Peretz added, “We monitor every student who is in isolation. The ministry accompanies the students who are in isolation through distance learning and accompanying teams. We all pray and hope that soon everything will be behind us, until then it is important to take all precautions.”

The Minister wanted to clarify that instructions regarding the cancellation of studies were issued solely by the Ministry of Education: “I hear that on WhatsApp and social networks there are false rumors and rumors about what will happen after Purim. “I want things to go through this channel alone and not another way.”

The minister referred to the political tangle and attacked Blue and White: “The right-wing bloc is strong and the most serious thing in my eyes is that Blue and White have stated unequivocally before the election that they will not rely on the joint Arab list and violate their election promise in cooperation with a list that supports terrorists and demeans IDF soldiers.” “I call on Gantz to come to his senses. I call on Joaz Handel and Hauser to come out as a buffer against this move. A government must not be formed with the support of a party that supports terrorism.”


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