Rabbi Koldetzky reveals in the name of the GRH: “What will a man do and live ?!”


a a A Rabbi Yitzchak Koldetzky, son-in-law of the Minister of Torah, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, has in recent days come out with harsh words following the situation and said that the students have nothing to eat because the heads of the kollels are disabled.

In his remarks, Rabbi Koldetzky, in the name of Maran HaGrach Kanievsky, also revealed that what will a person do and live? He will add more in the study of the Torah.

“For decades, the secularists have resented the fact that ultra-Orthodox education is rising and rising,” said Geri Kudletsky. “Unfortunately, the secularists are not going to decline. It screams to the sky that guys are falling.

“What should be done? Pray that all those who studied in the yeshivot and want to study in the yeshivot may God remove the doubts from them and come to us to study Torah, that no soul from Israel will be lost.”

The Gaon Rabbi Yitzchak Koldetzky (Archive. Photo: Yehuda Perkovitz)

“Thank God for all who are healthy,” continued Rabbi Koldetzky. “.

“Says R. Chaim Kanievsky,” the rabbi revealed, “what will he do and live? He used to study one page – he will study 2 pages.”

Rabbi Koldetzky added that “Torah study should be added, to increase Torah, another quarter of an hour, another 20 minutes. Adding Torah study is adding life to the world.”

“17 years ago, Rabbi Elyashiv fell ill, in danger of death,” said the GRI. “When he returned home, he said I received life as a gift. He added another quarter of an hour.

At the end of his speech, Rabbi Koldetzky said that “the most important thing is to make a speech fast in the first 15 minutes of school. Life is a gift that everyone will be healthy and that everyone will have a livelihood.”


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