Rabbi Amram David Abitbul became infected with the corona and died



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Rabbi Amram David Abitbul, a resident of the Beit Vagan neighborhood of Jerusalem, passed away last night (Saturday) at Shaare Zedek Hospital in Jerusalem and is about 60 years old at the time of his death. About two weeks ago he contracted the virus and following a complication and worsening of his condition without background illnesses, his condition became complicated and he was hospitalized while he was anesthetized and respirated.

His relatives and friends received the bad news in astonishment and prayed as hard as they could for his healing but last night a decree was issued and his soul ascended on Holy Saturday to be sheltered under the wings of the Divine.

The deceased was the Gabay of the Nazar Aharon Synagogue for decades, and was responsible for the regular Shiur of the Rishon LeZion Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi Doron Zatzokal every Shabbat on Shabbat in Halacha and Aggadah after the prayer in the hot hawk.


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The late Rabbi Amram David behind the late Rabbi, on the evening of Yom Kippur


As a native of the north, he was associated with Rishon Lezion in heart and soul while Rishon Lezion served as the Chief Rabbi and Rabbi of the city of Haifa when he heard a lesson from the late Rabbi Maran in the city of Migdal Haemek and since then his soul has been connected to the late Rabbi.

The late deceased served as Shuv. And he worked for a living in the Beit Vagan neighborhood and in the holy yeshivas and did everything for heaven’s sake, and he carried on and gave in faith all his life and the fear of the Lord and his love is always sealed on his face.

His funeral took place last night at Motsak on Mount of Beatitudes in Jerusalem with the participation of his family and a mourning crowd mourning his untimely death.

His daughters and daughters sit seven at 60 Rabbi Uziel Street, Beit Vagan Jerusalem.