Quickly dispose of my wallet


Pay anywhere digitally and mobile, away with cash, invoices, payment tickets and our identity card: the time has come. Then maybe corona has brought something good.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have one colossal Achilles heel in the fashion field. I’ve been wearing the same one for years now surfers wallet, including velcro closure. To the delight of my friends, who find it hilarious when I bring it up. To make the fashion blunder even more painful: Luc Van Mol, the big boss of ZEB, pointed out to me that this is a female model.

I have been eyeing beautiful calfskin boots several times, but time and again I reach for my trusty nylon with the reassuring velcro tear sound. Corona may have made my difficult search for a new wallet obsolete. My velcro model may be my very last. I hope so.

Corona rasa

The corona virus has put a lot of issues into question. That tabula rasa also offers new opportunities. Which, we asked our opinion formers.

Why would I need another wallet? It is still full of notes and coins, but it is high time we put an end to that. How absurd that we still drag along that paper junk and metal junk, when digital and mobile payment should be the norm. Unfortunately, it is not yet. At the local bakery, in our small village, you can still not pay with a bank card. There is such a plexiglass screen because of corona, but when I pay for my pistols, I have to give the baker’s wife a note, and I get ‘klutters’ in return. Unfortunately, she doesn’t wear gloves, so the Breughel bread for the next customer goes along in the chain of contamination.

We should forbid dealing with cash.

We should forbid dealing with cash. The people of Argenta would also be happy about that, because their old ATMs are willing targets for explosions. But then let us go a step further. Why do we still need those stupid plastic bank cards? They also take up a lot of space in our portfolio and they are not good for the environment. We can pay perfectly via our smartphone, both debit and credit.

If you see how the banking apps of KBC and Belfius evolve, you can also combine all the other junk from my portfolio in those applications. I usually collect an enormous amount of receipts, notes and bills in my velcro case. When I finally need them, I can’t find them or the ink is completely gone.

It would be so easy if I could log into every store with my smartphone. Then I can not only take advantage of all promotions, loyalty points and loyalty benefits on my account, but I also have all invoices and bonnekes digitally and can simply look them up if I have to return or exchange something. Some stores already have that system, but it should become standard.

Then not much remains in my portfolio. In the shop I sometimes see a grandma opening a wallet with a few yellowed photos of the grandchildren behind the plastic flap, but they are no match for the super sharp photos from a 10 megapixel camera.

All that’s left is the identity card. But to be fair, Itsme is much better.

All that’s left is the identity card. But to be fair, Itsme is much better. With a simple scan of my fingertip I could prove who I am perfectly. I hope that I can quickly use Itsme everywhere, instead of putting my eID in or showing it somewhere.

So get rid of my surfers wallet. The faster the better. Then corona has yielded something good. Then I no longer have to struggle to spell ‘wallet’ correctly. And then Luc Van Mol will be content.

Peter Hinssen is an innovation entrepreneur and partner at Nexxworks


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