Qmusic Program Director: Share female DJs not yet good enough Entertainment


“Women simply have to be as good as their male competitor to get a place here. What I don’t like is putting a woman down because she’s a woman, as happens at some stations, ”says Minneboo, who points to NPO 3FM.

“Until recently, they had a whole block of women during important office hours. That didn’t work well, you heard that ”, says Minneboo. “Not because they are women, but because those ladies simply were not ready for that kind of prominent hour.”

According to the program director, some of the female DJs are currently not good enough, although this is slowly changing. Marieke Elsinga, who now has a morning show at Q, can be a role model for young girls. “That they hear and think her: I want that later too. That development is slow, but it is there. ”

“When I was young, there were hardly any women on the radio. Men like Jeroen van Inkel, who addressed the listener in such a heavy, echoing voice, were the norm. Few women recognized themselves in that. ”


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