Purple hat causes commotion at & Other Stories


The Swedish fashion chain & Other Stories, part of the H&M Group, has suspended a number of employees. That suspension is the result of a racist incident in the workplace. CNN writes that.

A name for a purple hat arose among the employees. The headgear was described in working documents as the ‘Nigga Lab Beanie’. The description never appeared on the public side of the site, but it did circulate internally. The company is now taking measures after furious reactions from other employees.

First, internally apologies were made. “We are deeply sorry that that description was sent to our stores along with an image of a product,” wrote Karolina Gutke, CEO of Stories, in a July 21 memo held by CNN. “This is completely unacceptable.”

Helena Helmersson, CEO of the H&M Group, said in a statement that an investigation is currently underway to find out how the hat could be given that specific name. The responsible managers and their team were suspended during that investigation and the hat has since been removed from the offer. “We take the use of racist language very seriously. Although the word was never printed on a real product, the application was completely inappropriate. ”

Annie Wu, Chief Diversity Officer, would like to act decisively if the person responsible for this blunder is found. “It is clear that our guidelines were not respected. Personally, I am very angry and ashamed that this could happen. This offensive language should not be repeated. I would like the workers behind this to be fired. What they have done cannot be justified. ”



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