PSV rewards ten-year anniversary with professional contract: ‘This is a great day’


Good news for D’Leanu Arts: PSV’s talent signs his first professional contract in Eindhoven. The defender is now with the club until 2022.

PSV reports this via the official channels. Arts made the transition from Blauw Geel to PSV ten years ago. He went through various youth teams in Eindhoven and will play next year in PSV O18. “You wake up with a different feeling than usual because it is a big day. That feels very good,” says Arts on the PSV club site after the contract was signed.

Doctor explains what he is good at. “I can play center right and right back. As a back I like to stand up a lot and attack. I have a good cross in the legs and can take out a man,” said the defender, who also has less strengths. . “I occasionally have trouble estimating where exactly the ball will go. That is an important point that I have to work on.”


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