PS5 DualSense controller will get updates after release


This is reflected on the product page of the DualSense controller. Recently this page, along with the pages of other PS5 accessories, went live so that everyone can view 3D models and specifications of the peripherals. On the page of the DualSense you can see something striking, namely the message from Sony that users must always keep their console and controller up to date.

DualSense update on PS5 indicates post-release balancing

It indicates that Sony may make adjustments to the controller along the way. That way, Sony can remove any bugs and irregularities from the controller that are still there after the release. Console manufacturers and game developers have been doing this for years, but we haven’t seen it often with a controller. For example, the DualShock 4 controller is not subject to updates.

It is not known exactly what the updates for the DualSense controller will do. Sony has not yet reported anything about it except this one report. We will probably hear more about it before the PlayStation 5 hits the shelves later. This is expected to be sometime in November, but an exact console release date is still unknown. In any case, Sony still has a revelation to go, as the price and release date of the PS5 are still unknown.


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