Provitola will stay in Real, Campaso close to the NBA


Real Madrid’s two Argentine quarterbacks, Pacondo Campasso and Nicolas La Probitola, have made headlines in recent times in light of the fact that their future at the Blancos has not been so clear. Now, there seems to be a lot more answers about both, with the former expected to reach the NBA, while the latter will likely remain in white.

Today (Friday) an article appeared in the Spanish “S” about Probitola confirming that he was interested in not leaving Real. “I’m in the best club in the world,” he said in an interview with an Argentine radio station. “A second year in the same team, in the same city, to compete in the Euroleague … I am very happy. Staying at Real Madrid is what I wanted.”

Regarding Campaso, New York Times senior reporter Mark Stein reported that his move to the NBA seemed safer than ever. Real have known about his desire to cross the Atlantic for three months now, and in recent days the possibility that he will arrive during the October free transfer period to the best league in the world has become even more realistic. The team that has shown the most interest in him is Dallas.

Campaso was one of Real’s standouts last season in the Euroleague with 9.9 points per game and 7.1 assists. Probitola averaged 5 points per game alongside 3 assists.


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