“Proving that he is mentally ready”: Lamkel Zé the surprise in the starting eleven of Ivan Leko, general manager Antwerp, colleague De Laet and analysts respond – Football news


A very striking player in the base at Antwerp was Didier Lamkel Zé. The Cameroonian only trained again at The Great Old since this week, but was allowed to start anyway.

The only game that Club Brugge lost in Belgium was against Antwerp, with a goal from Didier Lamkel Zé.

“Physically he is definitely ready,” said General Director Sven Jaecques of Antwerp before the match. “Whether he is mentally ready? We have doubted this several times in the past, I hope he shows that today. It was the coach’s decision to draw him up.”

Exceptional situation

Also the analysts on Sporza were clear: “This is an exceptional situation and they must have felt in the practice matches that they could use it,” said Gerd Verheyen. “Despair? It is also recognizing that you can use it. He is and will always be a great football player. Leko does not want to just drop him,” Imke Courtois said.

For his part, Ritchie De Laet expressed it at half-time – after 45 fine minutes for Lamkel Zé, by the way – “Of course he also wants to prove something, not only for fans and the group, but also for himself and the coach. He wanted to show that he is ready for this season by working for it. ”


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