Protests across the country against Netanyahu – news in Israel


ההפגנה הערב בירושלים

The demonstration tonight in JerusalemPhoto: The Black Flags

In Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Caesarea and other centers around the country, thousands of Israelis are demonstrating tonight (Saturday evening) against the government’s conduct.

Earlier, three people were arrested for spraying water at demonstrators at the Sderot junction, and a demonstrator was stopped at the Ashkelon North junction while cursing and spitting at demonstrators.

Police also detained for questioning Dr. Suspicious Street who threw a stone at protesters in Haifa. A woman was slightly injured.

The “Black Flags” organization stated that no march is planned in Jerusalem, but a request has been submitted for approval if it takes place.

“This week we were exposed to how far the accused is willing to go against the people of Israel for his interests. The incitement and hatred that comes out of Balfour towards citizenship and citizens is further proof that he is incompetent. The violence coming out of Balfour will not scare us. We will be hacked.

The entire people of Israel deserves leadership that works for the people and not for tax benefits, not for cutting coupons from vessel and submarine deals – leadership that is engaged from morning to evening in resolving the economic health crisis. We will continue every week – until Bibi resigns. ”


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