Protest against ‘Pink Mercedes’ continues: Ferrari, Renault …


The ‘Pink Mercedes’
Foto: Racing Point F1

It looks like the last word has not yet been said regarding the Racing Point F1 team’s ‘Pink Mercedes’. After all, Ferrari, Renault and McLaren want to appeal the ‘limited’ penalty the F1 team received.

Yesterday the decision finally came after the protest of the Renault F1 team against the ‘Pink Mercedes’ of the Racing Point F1 team. Racing Point was found guilty of over-copying Mercedes’ rear broken ducts and was fined € 400,000 by the FIA ​​and a deduction of 15 wk points.

The latter is based on the expected point gain that Racing Point would achieve according to the FIA ​​by copying Mercedes brake ducts. Moreover, Racing Point can continue to drive with the brake ducts and does not have to adjust its car. However, the competition does not agree with that ‘limited’ penalty for the Racing Point F1 team.

Not only Renault, which was the only team to file the protest, but also Ferrari and McLaren, among others, would like to appeal against what they think is too ‘limited’ penalty that Racing Point has received. According to them, Racing Point makes a lot more profit with the copying than those 15 World Cup points and they probably have a point in that area.

The current protest revolves solely around the so-called ‘brake ducts’, but this year’s Racing Point F1 car looks like two drops of water on the Mercedes F1 car of 2019. Ferrari, Renault and McLaren want to go further.

“We ask ourselves a lot more questions about the entire process and the whole concept of Racing Point. This statement is not enough for us. Now it is only about the brake ducts but not yet about copying the entire Mercedes concept. just the tip of the iceberg and we need more clarification, ”said Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto.

It therefore promises to be a ‘warm summer’ in Formula 1 with many protests and proceedings …

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