Protest against Netanyahu: A young man arrested for spitting on protesters in Ashkelon – here in the south


The incident took place on the Ashkelon North Bridge. Earlier, three people who sprayed water on protesters at the Sderot junction were also arrested

Posted on: 1.8.20 20:43

By: David Levy

At the Ashkelon North junction, a demonstration of black flags takes place. A little while ago a man came to the scene and entered and stood with the protesters and at one point started spitting at them, shouting at them and cursing them.

Police were called to the scene and tried to detain the suspect but he continued to curse and riot and was eventually arrested. This is a young man in his 20s.

Earlier, three suspects traveling in the rabbi were detained for questioning, on Road 34, and when they arrived at the Sderot junction, they sprayed water on demonstrators standing at the junction.

Police officers who were nearby identified the vehicle with the suspects and within seconds arrested them at the Sha’ar Hanegev junction. The three, in the 1920s, residents of Be’er Sheva, were detained and taken for questioning by the Sderot police.

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“The police will allow the freedom of protest, but will act with zero tolerance towards all manifestations of violence,” the police said.


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